Stronger security and improved compliance.


Founded in 2001, Security Management Partners (SMP) is a leading, independent full-service information security and IT assurance firm. We offer a wide variety of services with deep expertise in federal and state regulations for the corporate, financial, healthcare and bio-pharmaceutical markets.

Whether responding to an isolated incident or developing a security strategy, the SMP team of credentialed experts partners with your organization to develop at 360° view of your information security needs.




Having conducted thousands of engagements over the last 15 years, SMP serves as a trusted adviser, able to identify threats and vulnerabilities, quantify risks and provide mitigation strategies designed expressly to protect your information assets.

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Staying up-to-date and informed is critical. As part of your partnership with SMP, we will provide access to the latest information, trends and industry best practices in order to ensure that your program evolves with this new era of cyber security.

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