Mobile Application Security Assessment

In mitigating IT security risk in the age of BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and BYON (Bring-Your-Own-Network), the Center for Internet Security (CIS) offers these Security Configuration Benchmarks, a set of consensus best practice security configurations that covers mobile devices and the third party apps they support. Companies should conduct a mobile application security assessment, implement necessary company policies, and review and adopt third party solutions.

The SMP Solution

Security Management Partners' typical mobile security audit methodology includes evaluation of overall mobile infrastructure; penetration tests on mobile clients and the servers that control them; assessment of the security of all mobile devices (iPhone, Android, tablets, etc.) and apps to determine their susceptibility to data breaches; and evaluation of the gap between current policies and procedures and known best practices.


A mobile application security assessment from SMP will:

  1. Offer actionable guidance to improve your mobile application, network and data from attacks
  2. Give you the critical insights to protect from inadvertent access or data loss
  3. Provide application developers with third party attestation
  4. Use a flexible engagement approach matched to your needs
  5. Include ongoing consultant support for your questions for 12 months