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#InformationSecurity News - 11/10/14

  • Researchers identify a technique that makes it easier for attackers to launch phishing campaigns. Read the full story at Dark Reading
  • ZDNet reports on a new whitepaper from Bitdefender that examined victims targeted in 850,000 Facebook scams. It turns out Facebook's user experience makes it easy for scammers to exploit users.
  • CSOOnline says that flaw in Visa contactless payment cards could ring up a very large fraud. 
  • Personal data may well have been snatched out of the US government's top employee background-checking firm in what officials are calling a major security breach. Read more at Naked Security
  • With iOS 8, the lines between iOS and Android are blurring. Dark Reading asks iOS 8 Vs. Android: How Secure Is Your Data

The Risks of Big Data for Companies

Big data. It's the latest IT buzzword, and it isn't hard to see why. The ability to parse more information, faster and deeper, is allowing companies, governments, researchers and others to understand the world in a way they could only dream about before.

All that is true. And yet…

It's also true that in our rush to embrace the possibilities of big data, we may be overlooking the challenges that big data poses—including the way companies interpret the information, manage the politics of data and find the necessary talent to make sense of the flood of new information.

Big data, in other words, introduces high stakes to the data-analytics game. There's a greater potential for privacy invasion, greater financial exposure in fast-moving markets, greater potential for mistaking noise for true insight, and a greater risk of spending lots of money and time chasing poorly defined problems or opportunities.

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