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Security Management Partners Introduce Enhanced Firewall Analysis Service

Jun. 17, 2014 - WALTHAM, Mass. -- Security Management Partners, a leading full-service information security and IT assurance consulting firm, announced details of its new Enhanced Firewall Analysis service to provide customers with increased visibility into firewall operations to meet the increasing complexity and changing security needs.

Specializing in assessments and regulatory compliance consulting to the corporate, healthcare, biopharma, and financial industries, Security Management Partners (SMP) provides a wide range of information security and assurance services including incident response and forensics, information security program development and management, internal and external security testing and assessments, regulatory compliance audits and security training. The new Enhanced Firewall Analysis service is a complement to SMP’s extensive Firewall Assessment with Rule Base and Change Form Review offering.

Through the Enhanced Firewall Analysis, SMP generates a map of network configurations including firewalls, routers, subnets and zones, in order to provide additional visibility into existing security policies. This thorough review also works to determine the usefulness of the network, enabling SMP to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities and provide actionable recommendations. By completing this analysis, SMP is able to optimize firewall operations and ensure that all network devices are properly configured to mitigate these risks and improve security settings. In addition, SMP customers can define baselines for device configurations, monitor changes to network security policy, create and review compliance reports and maintain a complete audit trail moving forward.

Peter Bamber, CISA, CRISC, CISSP, vice president of IT Security Services for SMP, commented, “Our Enhanced Firewall Analysis service enables the experts at Security Management Partners to develop a comprehensive roadmap of existing security policies and procedures to help organizations better understand and manage their complex firewall systems. With the introduction of this offering, companies of all sizes across all industries can glean deeper insights into the safety, security and viability of their Next Generation Firewalls.”

About Security Management Partners

Security Management Partners (SMP) is a leading, independent information security and assurance firm, specializing in assessments and regulatory compliance consulting to the corporate, healthcare, biopharma, and financial industries. SMP is known as a trusted advisor that helps identify threats and vulnerabilities, quantify risk and provide risk mitigation strategies for information assets. SMP helps to eliminate internal and external information security risks while ensuring that companies can adhere to today's evolving compliance regulations. For more information, please visit: http://www.smpone.com.

Access the original release here: http://www.prlog.org/12337687-security-management-partners-introduce-enhanced-firewall-analysis-service.html.

The Risks of Big Data for Companies

Big data. It's the latest IT buzzword, and it isn't hard to see why. The ability to parse more information, faster and deeper, is allowing companies, governments, researchers and others to understand the world in a way they could only dream about before.

All that is true. And yet…

It's also true that in our rush to embrace the possibilities of big data, we may be overlooking the challenges that big data poses—including the way companies interpret the information, manage the politics of data and find the necessary talent to make sense of the flood of new information.

Big data, in other words, introduces high stakes to the data-analytics game. There's a greater potential for privacy invasion, greater financial exposure in fast-moving markets, greater potential for mistaking noise for true insight, and a greater risk of spending lots of money and time chasing poorly defined problems or opportunities.

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Event Reminder - Tomorrow 5/17 at 10th Annual Technology, Compliance & Risk Management Forum

Who: Peter Bamber, Vice President of Information Security Consulting Services for SMP and Brian Coakley, CIO for North Country Savings Bank

What:  Will present the session "Merchant Breaches: Mitigating Your Risk of Financial Exposure" at the New York Bankers Association 10th Annual Technology, Compliance & Risk Management Forum

When: Friday, May 17th, 2013 from 9:50 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. EDT. 

Where: DoubleTree Hotel - 455 S. Broadway, Tarrytown NY