Security Consulting

Whether responding to an information security incident, developing compliant policies or assisting in the development of a security strategy, SMP offers a variety of security experience in preventive, detective, and corrective services.

Incident Response - Disciplined investigative techniques are necessary to determine if a breach has occurred, to contain the breach, to identify its source, to gather evidence, and to offer recommendations to improve systems and practices. SMP experts help your company develop incident response plans, minimize damages, identify and preserve a proper chain of evidence, investigate root causes of the incident, and prepare the organization to respond, recover, and package data for civil or criminal redress.

Digital Forensics & Investigative Services - SMP forensic consultants will apply disciplined investigative techniques to identify the source, contain it, and gather related evidence. Keeping careful record of each step in the investigation, all detailed investigations are accompanied by an extensive report to support any evidence, as well as conclusions drawn from the data. Forensic services include the identification, acquisition and subsequent examination of key pieces of electronic data. SMP investigators proceed in a manner which assures access to evidence which will withstand the challenges in any legal proceeding as it pertains to the methodology involved in its preservation, collection, analysis, and presentation.

Policy Development - Leveraging results from SMP security assessments, our team will develop custom security policies for your organization that are relevant, compliant with regulatory requirements, and address the business objectives of your company while operating within your cultural boundaries.

Custom Security Consulting - Based on client needs and goals, SMP works to determine the best course of action including business owners, stakeholders and vendors. After assessing the current situation versus business requirements, SMP will customize our offerings and pricing to document and make suggestions that minimize risk and liability and meet with industry standards.

Basic custom security consulting includes assessment and planning while the addition of security audits ensures compliance. An independent resource, SMP can help organizations select technologies, create policies and develop information security programs to match business goals and meet needs. 

SMP offers blocks of service hours for specialized consulting engagements. From mobile device audits, to laptop encryption testing, VPN account testing, Citrix review and testing, customized security training, and other specialized security testing, SMP can customize large or small solutions to fit client need.

ISO Service - Developed to meet the needs of individual clients, our Information Security Officer service is designed to provide interim support and aid in recruiting right-fit talent for future information security work within a given organization.

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